Desbuild Kris Cooper is skilled and experienced consultancy Firm for Project and Construction and includes professionals with technical and management background. We use our expertise in project development, contract administration, Scheduling, Estimating & cost control, Inspection, project closeout, and program review to provide complete project services to our clients in all the sectors.

  • Our Project Management Services range from specialized tasks to Total project management - Concept development through Planning, Designing, Execution, Completion and Commissioning - with the main objective of meeting the client's criteria for project completion in terms of Time, Cost & Quality within safety parameters.
  • We are a Client Focused Business devoted to providing you with a personal service, tailored to meet all your real estate and development needs. The successful delivery of all aspects of your project, on time and budget within the quality and safety, is our main objective.
  • We have worked for some of the best and dealt extensively with the rest, we know how to evaluate qualifications, references and bids in ways that will protect the clients interests and assure timely, cost-controlled project completion.
  • We would respectfully recommend that we can be considered by the International clients as the long term local partner and employ our professional services, prior to making their first investment or venturing in India. Thereby providing the potential clients with “a reliable single point of contact in India”, a professional expert to act as your Project Manager, Development Manager, Cost Consultant, Real Estate Consultant and/or Marketing & Sales Consultant; all rolled into just one.
  • We can “Add Value” to the Project. With our pool of talented resources and our positive input at an early date helps the clients to ensure that your Project Brief (dedicated to both finding the most appropriate real estate to be developed and adopting the ideal procurement routes in design, construction, testing and commissioning to successfully achieve the perfect building project) is developed correctly and efficiently in detail, with minimum delay and at minimum risk.

DBKC develops construction and project management teams based on each client's specific needs and project requirements.

DBKC provides services in the following service areas:

  • Project Management Services
  • Construction Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Design & Planning Diligence
  • Quality Audit & Management
  • Advisory Services
  • Cost Management
  • Project Feasibility Report
  • Bill Certification Services
  • Procurement Management
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Scheduling and Project Execution Plan
  • Constructability and Design Review
  • Cost Estimation
  • Contract Administration
  • Value Engineering
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Procedures
  • Inspection/Quality Assurance
  • MEP Commissioning Audit
  • Final Bill Certification Services
  • Project Commissioning
  • Project Close Out
  • Technical Audit